Judd Irish Bradley | About

With few exceptions, New Mexico photographer Judd Irish Bradley feels most at home when he’s behind the lens of a camera.  Judd has extensive experience in portraiture, but his real passion is for music, quirky angles, and beautiful landscapes, all of which are evident in his traditional and digital fine art photographs. 

Judd’s photo career began early in life watching his mother document historical artifacts at archaeological digs.  Through years of photography and photojournalism classes, his instincts led him to experiment with light and shadow and unexpected angles.  His high school photo teacher, John McCrae, once told Judd that if he got one good image out of a roll of film, it was a successful day.  It was during this time that he began working with his favorite mediums, Cyanotype and Platinum printing. Consequentially, Judd was rarely seen without a camera and his favorite subjects were often friends and acquaintances wherever they happened to be at the moment.

Later, Judd studied art at the University of New Mexico and began work at New Mexico’s premier portrait studio.  This time broadened his horizons, expanded his desire to experience the world through photography, and honed his skills working with people and light in the medium of portraits. This time also allowed for his investigations into combining the new digital medium with his alternative printmaking process.

Judd opened his own photography studio and art gallery in the slower paced town of Truth or Consequences, New Mexico in the year 2000. He closed the storefront in 2014 to explore new opportunities overseas. Judd still has a camera by his side most of the time and especially loves to incorporate his love of music and travel by working with touring bands and exploring whatever country he is currently residing in.

These widely varied experiences have resulted in Judd’s unique take on the world, one shutter click at a time.