So It took me 3 months to get this far....

March 20, 2015

So it took me 3 months to get this far on the blog. So here I am. With my memory, recapping the past has never been easy.

Shutting down the studio was probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. 14 years of smiling kids, awesome models, and friends for life all being put to the side to pursue a passion for exploration. For 11 months now that has been over and done with.... Time flies and I think I will begin with Thanksgiving.

Banned in DC

We were still in Washington D.C. but it is the moment I truly grasped the gravity of what we were about to do. We had nothing of our possessions left at the apartment. We invited a friend who was flying solo over and bought the smallest turkey we could find. As she told us stories of her life overseas, I began to imagining myself doing the same thing very soon. The following week we would be on a plane to London and then to Kampala, Uganda. As Winston Churchill proclaimed "The Pearl of Africa". He was right, but I will get into that later. Got my last chance to watch some Live music with my friend Steve that following Saturday. Kind of depressing because the live music had been such a huge part of my life back home, but the band was great, and the company even better. The best part was getting to see members of a few different bands that I had worked with over the years. Good Memories.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Air travel amazes me. It gets you places quickly, but seems to exhaust you twice as much. 28 hour flights are rough. I don't sleep well (if at all) when traveling. British Airways was our carrier for this flight and of course we flew coach. Going to London? That was all right. Ate Eggs Benedict at the restaurant at Heathrow with a nice tall screwdriver. Mmmm Breakfast. Then, off to our gate to catch the flight to Kampala. Rough Flight. Screaming kids, angry attendants and cramped quarters. Oh well in the end a 3AM arrival time wasn't fun with or without the distractions.

Uganda regret this

Actually I'm not. Traveling through Kampala is interesting. It reminds me of Mexico when I was a kid. Agriculture everywhere. Bright colors. Vibrant nightlife (I only know this because of the Bar down the hill from us doesn't shut down until about an hour after I get up every morning.) Hard working and friendly people. Except for one thing this place is paradise. The Boda Bodas, The Matatus, and the traffic wardens. The Boda Bodas are motorcycle taxis/delivery/moving trucks/ whatever you could possibly want or able to get on a motorcycle. I have seen them carrying families of 5, headboards to what looked like a king sized bed, a couch (not a loveseat, a couch) windshields, wheelbarrows towed from behind and I am certain anything else you can possibly imagine.

In all it's pretty Amazing here!




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